A Little Privacy Please….

Weddings are so much fun and having your wedding at a winery can be a wonderful experience. Most wineries, especially in the Southern California wine region, offer weddings, and at the same time; wine tasting, dining, picnicking, concerts and more, all open to the general public. The wineries in the Temecula area are beautiful.Private Weddings at Villa de Amore Southern California Wedding Venue Most have classic old world architecture, manicured grounds and of course the wonderful vineyards stretching in all directions, all of this making for an amazing setting for a wedding. The only downside is that you may find that your ceremony is being enjoyed by more than just your invited guests.

For some couples getting married, ‘the more the merrier’ attitude applies. They are completely comfortable sharing their ceremony with their invited guests and bystanders alike. But for others, they only want to see familiar faces looking back at them as they make their vows and celebrate their union. Couples can have many reasons for wanting to keep their wedding private and there is no good reason why they shouldn’t be able to. One of the most important considerations in this regard will be the wedding venue.

Location Location Location!

Wedding ceremonies can be held just about anywhere. Here in Southern California there is a tremendous selection of traditional and non-traditional wedding venues. Churches, hotels, resorts, parks, beaches, mountain resorts, desert resorts and of course… wineries. Many people think that in order to have a truly private wedding you have no option but to be indoors, but what if you have always dreamed of getting married under a clear blue sky without the risk of strangers crashing the festivities? Villa de Amore can help you solve that very problem!

 Villa de Amore is a beautiful and PRIVATE 15 acre wedding estate located in the Temecula Wine Country. The Mediterranean inspired estate is situated on a hilltop with no public access. Only you and your invited guests will be allowed on the property on your wedding day. Your guests will find the estate easy to get to from the main highway but the location is off the beaten path enough that no one is going to show up accidentally!

Villa De Amore offers All-Inclusive Wedding Packages making California Dream weddings affordable and easy!

Visit the http://www.villadeamore.com or call to schedule a property tour or to get a quote.  951-970-5831

Michael & Karen

Southern California Wedding at Villa de AmoreVilla de Amore had the great pleasure of hosting Michael and Karen’s wedding recently. It was a perfect day at the Villa and everyone had such a wonderful time we’d like to share some of their story…

Karen:  “Michael had never been to San Francisco so why not go on an extended weekend to San Francisco with wine tasting and sightseeing?”

“Friday was wine tasting. That morning a van picked us up in San Francisco and took us to several wineries in Sonoma. Our lunch stop was at Sonoma square. Michael picked up a nice bottle of wine and some food for a picnic and was very concerned about finding a good spot to sit. That never happened, although it was a Friday afternoon the park was filled with screaming kids – not very romantic but we enjoyed each other’s company and then continued on our wine tasting tour.”

“Saturday morning Michael decided we would rent bikes and ride to Golden Gate Park.  He picked up some sandwiches and drinks for another picnic lunch.  After riding our bikes around the park, Michael was determined to find the lake. It took us awhile but we finally found it in  and he decided to rent a row boat. It was a perfect day - warm and sunny which isn’t always the case in  San Francisco. I was enjoying the weather and his chivalrous act so I decided to start filming the moment.  Michael was goofing around, it seemed like just a fun playful afternoon.  Little did I know Michael was waiting for the perfect moment when no else was around.”

“Michael finally found his perfect opportunity, he rowed underneath a beautiful bridge and at that moment he told me to get out my camera and start videoing him.  Expecting more silliness I was totally caught off guard when he pulled out an engagement ring and proposed!”


Here is the that Video…

This was such a fun wedding! Here is a real nice video (thank you Perryfield Films!) with highlights of this very special day.

Congratulations to Michael and Karen and our best wishes on their very bright future together!

Visit Villa de Amore online at: http://www.villadeamore.com
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Summertime, and the Weddings are Easy…

(With apologies to George Gershwin)

Summer Weddings at Villa de Amore in Southern California are not only beautiful but they are easy! With All-Inclusive Wedding Packages, Villa de Amore helps summer brides truly enjoy their special day.

Summertime is perfect for weddings at Villa de AmoreSummer time Weddings at the Villa are truly special. The vineyards are a lush deep green and the rose gardens are in bloom. The weather is warm and clear and being on a hilltop the Villa gets a lovely evening breeze.

Villa de Amore Summer Rose Garden

Summer time brides at the Villa enjoy all the benefits of the incredible Temecula Valley weather and all the amenities included in the Villa de Amore All-Inclusive Wedding Packages (see details here). Weddings should be fun and exciting and maybe a little laid back since it is Southern California after all. With the Villa’s professional and experienced staff and vendors, couples don’t have to worry about the cake being delivered on time or the catering being ready. By the time the wedding day arrives everything is set and Eileen and her staff are keeping on eye on every detail as the day unfolds.

Summer wedding at the Villa

Villa de Amore is a Private Wedding Estate located in the Temecula Wine Country. Many area properties also host weddings but at the same time offer wine tasting, restaurants, picnic areas etc. all open to the general public. The Villa is exclusive and only you and your invited guests will be allowed access on your wedding day.

Though it’s only an hours drive from San Diego or Orange County (a little further from LA) it feels like its a whole world away. During the summer months especially, Southern California’s coastal communities ‘bulge at the seams’ with the influx of vacationers from throughout the world. The increased congestion can make traveling by car a nightmare particularly if you have to be somewhere (like a wedding) on time. The last thing you want to subject your wedding guests to is being stuck in traffic on the I-5 on a Friday afternoon.

The Villa de Amore provides its couples the entire day at the estate, not just a couple of hours. Brides and grooms have their own fully equipped suites where they can relax, visit with family and wedding party and leisurely get ready for their most special day .

See the Villa’s Bridal Suite Gallery and Grooms Suite Gallery

View at Villa de AmoreGuests who arrive at the Estate early will be able to enjoy the patio or stroll through the Rose Gardens and catch up with friends and relatives they haven’t seen for a while. The Villa’s Panoramic Views stretch out over Temecula Wine Country vineyards all the way to the distant mountains.

If there should be a sudden heat wave or if summer rain decides to make a rare appearance on your wedding day -no problem! The Villa has a ballroom which can easily be converted to host your ceremony and/or dinner reception. And then be cleared for the rest of the evenings activities. No need to have contingency plans, the Villa was purpose-built to handle any number of wedding day surprises.

Villa de Amore in Temecula, California is the best choice for a Summer Wedding in Southern California for so many reasons. Beautiful and Affordable, Perfect! Summer Weddings at Villa de Amore

Please visit the website Villa de Amore for more information Call 951.970.5831 or Email the Villa for a Quote or to schedule a tour of the estate



David and Alisa

Here’s another sweet engagement story from one of our villa de amore couples


David and Alisa Villa de Amore CoupleAlisa and I met not long after I moved out to Murrieta to buy my first place.  Shortly after arriving, I made some friends at work, and would spend some free time at night talking with them occasionally at a local watering hole in Temecula called Kilarney’s.   It may not have been the most romantic meeting in history, but it’s true that Alisa and I did meet at a bar.  We didn’t get to speak a whole lot that night, but I remember wishing that I’d see her again. Fortunately we had mutual friends so  we did get to see each other off and on.  We seemed to have a lot in common and she seemed to have everything that I ever wanted in a woman like intelligence, morals, loyalty, compassion, and beauty for starters.

I ended up getting laid off from my job, and because of the horrible economy I couldn’t find another job in the Temecula Valley area.  I wound up having to move all the way up to North Hollywood to find a decent IT job and so I figured that was that in regards to my social life with my Temecula area friends.

After I’d been in L.A. for a few months a previous coworker invited me to her birthday party which was going to be on a harbor cruise down in San Diego.  I drove down and just as we were all getting ready to board the boat, someone walks up behind me and hip-checks me off the walkway and onto the sand.  I didn’t have time to think who would be so rude since I was trying not to fall down. When I looked to see who the culprit was I saw  Alisa standing there innocently smiling as if she hadn’t done anything wrong at all. Most people I know would just say something like, “Hey, haven’t seen you in a while, how have you been?” but not Alisa, she would rather hockey-check a poor unsuspecting guy as a way of saying “Long time no see!”  We spent most of the rest of the night catching up on the boat and even danced a little at a nearby club once the cruise was finished.  Unfortunately, the night had to end, but I made sure to call Alisa quickly afterwards and make sure she knew that I wanted to see her again, even if it meant driving 200-miles round-trip for a date.

Villa de Amore Temecula Southern California Wedding EstateLuckily for me, she said yes, and I started driving back to the Murrieta/Temecula area every weekend to see her and the kids.  I knew that I liked her a lot and after only about a month I asked Alisa if she would be my girlfriend and she said yes.  We had only been dating a few months by January 2011, and already we had talked about what marriage could be like someday.  It wasn’t serious talk, but I knew by then I had already made up my mind that Alisa was the right woman for me.  And slowly but surely she indicated that I was the man for her as well.

By February I was already getting impatient, and after some quick research on engagement rings and a last-second phone call to Alisa’s Father, Brad, I was off to buy an engagement ring in Orange County.  I picked out a simple but nice-looking solitaire ring made of white gold with one diamond set inside.  My plan was to have the diamond removed some day and go with Alisa to get a new ring made with the same diamond.  But I needed a proposal ring, and fast!  My plan was to whisk Alisa away on a quick Valentine getaway since neither she nor I could miss much work.  We flew from LAX to Vegas and stayed at the South Pointe Hotel.  I had basically planned out the whole trip hour by hour, and tried my best to stick to the plan.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate.

I had picked Saturday, February 13th, as the proposal date and after dark (when the Bellagio water fountains look amazing).  I took Alisa for some nice French cuisine at Le Cirque in the and after dinner, we had some free time to walk around and then we proceeded to see the show ‘O’ at the Bellagio.  My plan had been to propose to Alisa in front of the the resort, with the water and fountains all lit up in the background and it would have been awesome, but Wedding Proposal Story from Villa de Amore Coupleunfortunately it was FREEZING out that night. I decided against proposing to Alisa out in the cold with her teeth chattering and her shivering violently. So we proceeded back to the hotel after an excellent evening out.  I had debated cancelling the proposal and waiting for another time where I could plan a special evening again.  But I knew that the most important part of a proposal night is how the 2 people feel about each other.  So once we were back in our hotel room, I decided to just pull out the ring and drop to one knee and ask Alisa if she’d spend the rest of her life with me as my wife.  And well, the rest is history.  This was by far the happiest moment of my life so far.

Vineyard Weddings San Diego Orange County Southern CaliforniaVilla de Amore California Wedding Estate has been making Southern California Brides happy for years. Nestled in the Temecula Wine Country on a hilltop overlooking miles of rolling vineyards, the Villa offers All-Inclusive Wedding Packages making weddings affordable. Villa de Amore is convenient to Orange County and San Diego in Southern California and has everything Brides need for their Dream Wedding!




Clear Skies for Southern California June Brides

Every Bride is special and Villa de Amore Southern California Weddingswedding ceremonies throughout the year are a time of unsurpassed joy, but there is something truly romantic about a June Bride. There is no reason to let overcast skies dampen your spirits on that special day. One hour’s drive from San Diego or Orange County is the perfect hilltop wedding venue always under the warm skies of the Temecula Valley. Welcome to: Villa de Amore

In Southern California there is no shortage of Brides or venues for them to get married at. Indoor, outdoor, church, hotel ball rooms, beaches, parks, backyards and the list goes on. Southern California has just about every option imaginable for June Brides.

For the Bride wanting an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception in Southern California June can be a bit tricky. Those who have spent more than a couple of years in Southern California are familiar with the term, ‘June Gloom’. This is in reference to the overcast skies that can last from the late Spring into early Summer. The further you go inland the less impact there is from the Marine Layer which is the cause of those gloomy gray skies.

Mountains form a barrier between the Coastal communities and the interior regions of the State. Often times during June the clouds move all the way from the shoreline and push up against those mountains. Marine layer clouds are normally only at an altitude of three to five thousand feet and if you drive up the ‘frontside’ of the San Bernadino or San Gabriel mountains, when you get high enough you will be able to see the top’s of the clouds stretching out to the Pacific ocean.Villa de Amore Temecula California Wedding Venue

Southern California contains an area nestled behind the the Santa Ana Mountains to the east of Orange County and the San Jacinto Mountains to the West of Palm Springs. This area is known as the Temecula Valley where Villa de Amore is located. Temecula and Murrieta Hot Springs are the largest cities in this area and San Diego and Orange County are only an hour’s drive away, Los Angeles is a bit further but the drive is all on major freeways so the drive is easy.

The Temecula Valley is protected from Marine Layer clouds by the Santa Ana Mountains and enjoys the best June wedding weather Southern California has to offer. Clear skies for June Brides, and warm temperatures make for wonderful outdoor weddings and receptions at the Villa. To the East of Temecula is the world renown Temecula Wine Country. Many people are familiar with Napa Valley to the North but don’t realize there is a major wine growing region in Southern California, and only a short drive from the coastal communities.

Villa de Amore Perfect June Weddings in Southern CaliforniaOn a lovely hill top in the midst of the Temecula Wine Country’s rolling vineyards is an incredible private wedding estate: Villa de Amore. In the month of June the vineyards are turning vibrant green which will last through the Summer. The Villa’s Formal English gardens and flowering vines are in full bloom, the manicured lawns are beautiful and the panoramic views make for a June wedding that will truly be unforgettable.

June Brides in Southern California have many options but not all are realistic when it comes to the budget. Villa de Amore has All-Inclusive Wedding Packages which help to reign in those wedding expenses. Just the cost of a wedding or reception facility in Orange County or San Diego County can be a down payment on a home. Add the costs for flowers, dress, cake, catering, photographer, etc. and you realize that your dream wedding may have to remain just a dream. Villa de Amore not only has the perfect June weather in the perfect location, but it also offers California Brides, affordable, All-Inclusive Wedding Packages which include just about everything but the wedding dress.

June Brides in Southern California need not fret over the weather forecast. A short drive out to Villa de Amore in the Temecula Valley with its warm, clear skies will make for a perfect wedding day, and some awesome photos too!

Clear Skies for Southern California June Brides!

For more information about Villa de Amore please visit :http://www.villadeamore.com or call: 1-951-970-5831

Brides Love Villa de Amore!

Villa de Amore, Southern California Wedding Venue

Brides Love Villa de Amore!

. We know that San Diego and Orange County have many wedding venues to choose from, but none that can compare to the location, facility and service at Villa de Amore. What better way to validate this statement than by reading what a few of our satisfied brides have to say about their experience. Here are some recent reviews by happy Southern California Brides who got married at Villa de Amore.


Iliana, November 2012

“Our wedding took place this past October at Villa de Amore. Our wedding was picture perfect! Thank you David and Eileen for all your patience and hard work to make our wedding day so special and beautiful. We could not have chosen a more perfect venue. Villa de Amore is the best place for any wedding, ever! The venue is absolutely breathtaking. David and Eileen work extremely hard to make everything work perfectly. Our guests were taken aback by the beauty of the venue, the food, the services, the ceremony, the decor, and the efficiency with which everything took place. Special thanks to David, you were amazing! Also, a very special thank you to our vendors Soiree Design and Events (flowers), Renee Bitoni (catering), John and Kim (DJ and photo booth), Ken Pollard (minister), and Christina, Doug, and Genevieve from Captured Moments Photography. We will recommend you all! Thank you!”


Villa de Amore All-Inclusive Weddings


Karrissa & Jimmy, December 2012

“Our wedding was absolutely amazing !! Everything was perfect! I did not know it was possible to have a 5 star vendor list! If you are looking for a beautiful fairy tale wedding please look at the Villa!! David and Eileen are so sweet and just a pleasure to work with! Thank you for making our special day so awesome!! Love, Jimmy and Karrissa Snyder!!!”


Kristi, October 2012

Villa de Amore, Southern California Wedding Venue

Another Happy Couple at Villa de Amore

“WOW! That is the best way to explain our experience! No wedding ever goes without a little issues, however I am pleased to say we had only one very minor “hiccup” I can think of. Villa De Amore was awesome; very professional, organized, so nice, and very willing to do whatever they could to make your day the best day it could be! I worked with David from the time we came to see the venue to the “design day” and then Via e-mail after that and he was so great about getting back to me quickly whenever I had any questions or concerns. He also had a great vision and knowledge base of the wedding business; you could tell he has been around it for a long time! I then worked with the Villa’s Day-Of Coordinator  on the day before and the day of and wow was she awesome! She was the sweetest and happiest girl you will ever meet! She was also such a hard worker…every direction I turned there she was making sure everything went to plan and flawless! The best thing was they are so organized and man, what a relief that was coming to the venue on the day of and seeing that everything was almost done and looked exactly how I had pictured it. The wedding of my dreams had really come true! Thank you Villa De Amore for everything! Brent and I had the most amazing day that we, and our guests, will NEVER forget!! xoxox “


Villa de Amore Wedding Photo Galleries


Vanessa, March 2013

“Villa de Amore made all my wedding dreams come true. The venue was beautiful and the staff was very professional. The all inclusive wedding is truly a fabulous idea, it allows the couple to have creative freedom yet still have access to reliable trustworthy vendors. My husband and I loved everything about our day and feel blessed to have worked with Eileen and her family!


Villa de Amore sets itself apart from other Southern California Wedding locations in so many ways. Please visit http:www.villadeamore.com to find out how and you can also see many other reviews from happy Brides who will always cherish their wedding (and reception) at the Villa.

Happily Ever After…

You will enjoy this “She Said/He Said engagement story. Told from both Cindy and Alan’s perspective, the good news is the outcome was the same!
We are pleased to report that their wedding at Villa de Amore in March was perfect in every way. 

Cindy’s Story:
After spending a day on Catalina Island, we boarded the ferry and headed back to Newport Beach. During the ride back, I suggested that we grab Chinese food since Alan always wants to grab Chinese food, but he refused. He insisted on going to Mama D’s near the beach so that we could see the sunset after dinner. I thought to myself, “Weird. Alan doesn’t like to go out for Italian food since I can cook pasta for him at home, and neither one of us really enjoyed walks on the beach because we didn’t like to clean up after the sand.”

After dinner, we drove down the street and parked a block away from the beach. When we crossed the street, Alan suddenly exclaimed, “Crap! I forgot my jacket.” He was wearing one during the day…where did it go? He then told me to head towards the sun on the beach since it was cold, but I said I would just wait since it shouldn’t take very long. He proceeded to run back across the street where he opened every car door, including the trunk. What in the world? When he returned a few minutes later, he had his jacket laying delicately over his arm folded in a rectangular fashion. It became a little more than just obvious that he was up to something. We proceeded to the beach and headed towards a bench but were intercepted by another couple. This happened three times. Three lifeguard stations later, we finally climbed up and sat down to watch the sunset. Meanwhile, I noticed from the corner of my eye that Alan was fumbling with something in his cargo pocket for about 10 minutes. When the sun set, Alan got down on one knee and pulled out a half wilted flower from under his jacket. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and proposed. A silver chain was wrapped around the ring, and he was working to untangle it while the sun was setting. Alan kept apologizing over the course of two minutes or so as he worked feverishly to remove the chain from the ring while kneeling in front of me. I, obviously, said yes!

Alan’s Story:
Since Cindy doesn’t wear much jewelry, or any rings for that matter, I had a hard time deciding what would be a good design for an engagement ring. Deciding where and how I would propose was another ordeal. We had wanted to go on another overseas trip for awhile, and a proposal on a romantic vacation seemed ideal…but we had too many things going on in our lives, so that seemed out of the question. One day, we saw a Groupon for ferry tickets to Catalina Island. Having heard lots of wonderful things about Catalina, I thought it would provide the perfect opportunity.

The idea was that we would spend a nice day enjoying all that Catalina had to offer. Afterwards, we would grab dinner at one of several well reviewed restaurants that I thought Cindy would be interested in. Then, after either eating or drinking too much, I would suggest taking a walk along the beach before heading back to San Diego. Some time while the sun was setting, I would propose. As we stepped off the ferry on Catalina, we were quickly disappointed. The place looked rundown, and there were plenty of places in San Diego that were far nicer. I suggested that we think of it like Italy but more rundown. This was hard to sell since I wasn’t buying it myself. Boarding time for the return trip couldn’t come soon enough.
We had tried to go to Catalina before but had to reschedule twice. Having pushed the trip off for a month already, we decided to go on a Monday, which I was avoiding. For some reason, many restaurants in Newport Beach don’t open or serve dinner on Mondays, including all of the ones I thought Cindy would like. So, the next best option, which turned out to be a pretty good place, was an Italian place over a mile away.

After a nice dinner, I suggested we walk off our food at the beach. Since I had to drive to the restaurant, I was not parked right next to the beach as originally planned. This made it difficult to retrieve the flower in the water bottle vase contraption I set up in the trunk. Unable to convince Cindy to move further away, I attempted to retrieve the flower discretely. I tried to grab it from the trunk, but Cindy could see it. I tried to grab it by dropping the backseat, but Cindy had moved her seat all the way back, so I couldn’t drop the backseat all the way. So I had to move her seat up to drop the backseat to get the flower. In all the rush, I couldn’t carefully hide the flower as I ran back across the street.

After being beaten three times to find a place to sit, we finally found a spot at a lifeguard station. As we watched the sun set, I tried to get a gift out of my pocket and realized it was tangled up. It was a necklace she jokingly said she wanted awhile back. I bought it as a gift to diffuse any potential suspicion she may have had during the day. After awhile, I gave up and decided to pull the ring out. Reaching into my pocket, I felt the chain I had put the ring on and discovered it was tangled as well. Apparently, all my proposal dry runs didn’t recreate the entanglement I was in. With the sun about to set, there was no time, and I had no choice but to propose with a ring/necklace hybrid. Fortunately, even though the proposal didn’t go as I hoped, the answer was yes.

Wedding Flowers in Bloom!

The trend toward local and seasonal products has had an impact on wedding planning. Though florists can provide amazing flowers flown in from distant places, some brides are choosing flowers they can source nearby (or even collect from their gardens!)  for their wedding arrangements and bouquets.

Spring is the time when nature bursts into life, and treats us to a spectacular array of flowers and colors.
Tulips, hyacinths, peonies, calla lilies are all available at this time of year. Forsythia branches with their bright yellow blooms make wonderful table accents. Ranunculas are grown in our region of California and are perfect for single flower or in mixed bouquets.

Tulips and Hyacinths


Whatever your choose, the skilled florists at Soiree Designs will create wonderful arrangements to fit your style. Flowers are part of our All Inclusive Wedding Packages. 


Calla Lilies