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Some Stress-Reducing Wedding Ideas

Couples have every reason to be at least a little stressed through their wedding planning process. Villa de Amore has put together its "Everything but the dress" All-Inclusive Wedding Packages to make the journey as stress-free as possible.

Here are a few ideas which can help make your wedding day, and those leading up to it, a little more relaxed..


California Wedding Ideas/AdviceStay Focused, but not too fucused! Don't get caught up in the mountain of details surrounding everything even remotely related to the 'happiest day of your life'. The closer you get to your ceremony, the more you need to rely on the people you've chosen to delegate responsibilties to. (you have delegated some of your tasks to friends and family, right?) Stay focused on your 'big picture' items: Your dress, the wedding theme, primary colors, staying connected emotionally with your fiance (and 'Reality' for that matter!). You probably don't have time to manage every detail yourself, and if you try to, you will be exhausted and find yourself trying to simply survive your own wedding instead of being able to enjoy it!.


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DelegateDelegate, as noted in the above tip, enlist the help of friends and family EARLY in your wedding planning process. Keep tabs on how tasks are giong and you will soon find out who can handle what.  If someone is having difficulty with a project or responsibility, they will most likely be relieved if you either reassign their task or bring in another person to help them with it. There are so many little but important details involved in a wedding and reception that you should be able to keep everyone who wants to be involved happy. And you can always motivate them by reminding them that there will be a big party 'for them' at the end of it all!



Working OutGet (stay) Physical.  Your body will thank you and those around you will too! Being physically active helps you in so many ways, not the least of which is by reducing stress. Your creativity will also be energized and your own creative touches can be a wonderful addition to your wedding. (Check out the Villa de Amore Wedding Ideas photo gallery for some inspiration). If you'd really like to add something to your wedding and just can't figure out how to do it, get outdoors or get to the gym and work up a sweat. Get the mental and emotional clutter out of your system and then look at any planning issues with a freshly cleared head. Other benefits of staying active before your wedding is that you'll be looking great in your wedding dress (or Tux) and better able to dance the night away with friends and family. Being fit will also cut down on your post-wedding recovery time so you'll be able to enjoy all of your Honeymoon!



SunglassesPhoto Considerations. Don't forget to factor in the season and time of day of your wedding ceremony. If it's scheduled for noon during the late spring and outdoors (like at Villa De Amore) a lot of the candid photos may have squinting people. You may want to have the wedding party all buy the same type of sunglasses for the event. If you are indoors and have a smaller space to work with, reduce the lighting level and add candles for truly romantic wedding setting. Villa de Amore wedding package photography vendors are all experts at planning perfect photos as well as capturing those priceless candid moments.



Spa DayThe Day Before, schedule a spa visit for you and your spouse-to-be the day before your ceremony. Stress is a part of every wedding but keeping it to a minimum is the key. Check in with your key people and keep conversations focused, brief and positive. Eat a healthy dinner and get to bed at a decent time -and double check your alarm, especially if you are having an early ceremony. As you lay in bed, too excited to fall asleep, just keep your thoughts positive and focus on how much fun you are going to have!



Wedding DayThe Big Day! Congratulations you made it! Get out of bed put the coffee on or warm up the water for tea, eat a light and healthy breakfast and if you have time, put in 20 on the treadmill. Once you are at your venue (see the Villa Bridal Suite and Groom's Suite)  try to avoid drinking too much champagne and have something healthy and light to snack on while you get ready for the ceremony (having an empty stomach, in addition to being stressed can sometimes cause gas build up and intestinal discomfort). Your Villa de Amore Wedding Package includes your "Day Of" wedding coordinator, so once you arrive at the Villa you won't have to worry about anything other than smiling and remembering distant relative's names.


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High Maintenance Guests. If you suspect that you will have a relative or friend who may feel compelled to compete for attention on your special day, here are a couple of ideas. First off, hopefully this situation will not be a surprise and you will have already planned to keep this person occupied. You can enlist the help of a few friends or family members who can take turns getting 'caught up' with them throughout the event (Villa de Amore has numerous conversation areas throughout the property perfect for those conversations). You can also let your Day Of coordinator know and they should be able to assign them an 'important' task which can also keep them distracted.


Take a look through the Villa de Amore Photo Galleries. The beautifully landscaped grounds naturally lend themselves to a romantic and memorable wedding. 


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  • The wedding was beautiful!  Many of our friends told us this was the most beautiful wedding venue they have ever attended, not to mention the fun.
    How did Kelly find it (Villa de Amore)?  they asked.  The internet.  There was nothing else we looked at that could compare.

    You are a beautiful lady inside and out.  Kelly and Noah adore you and we loved watching you and Noah dance.


    -- Dana
  • Villa de Amore made all my wedding dreams come true. The venue was beautiful and the staff was very professional. The all inclusive wedding is truly a fabulous idea, it allows the couple to have creative freedom yet still have access to reliable and trustworthy vendors. My husband and I loved everything about our day and feel blessed to have worked with Eileen and her family!

    -- Vanessa
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