5 unique Guest Book Ideas

Are you wondering how to make your guest book personal and memorable? Maybe you are even thinking that the traditional guest book isn’t your style. Here at Villa de Amore, one of our favorite things is seeing how each beautiful couple tailors the venue and day to their specific story. One easy way to do that is to bring in a unique guest book! We have seen everything from the traditional book, to a set of skis, and even custom surf boards!

Here are some of our favorites:

Traditional guest book, but with a twist:

A traditional wedding guest book is great if you are looking for something subtle and easy! One way to easily personalize this tradition is to make the cover of the book special! We have seen “My Adventure Book” from a couple who loved watching “Up” together, an embroidered cover that matched the wedding florals, and even a couple’s favorite novel that everyone signed. Making the physical book meaningful in some way allows for that book to be displayed on a shelf in your home more readily.

Have your guests sign a prop:

Our favorite option we see here at Villa de Amore, is a personalized prop. Do you and your fiancé have a favorite activity to do together like skiing or surfing? Or maybe a favorite home decor item like a clock or a record player? Bring in an item you’d like to have hanging on your wall or displayed in your home and have your guests sign it! The most important thing about a guest book is to remember who was at your special day, celebrating right alongside you! This home decor guest book idea allows you to revisit that magical day whenever you pass it by. A bonus is when friends who were at your wedding come to your home, they will be able to remember that day and recognize their signature!

Record a message from each guest through audio:

Audio guestbooks have become increasingly more popular, and we can totally understand why. These guest books double as a cute prop and fun activity! Hearing messages from all the special people in your life from your wedding day is something the audio guest book can capture forever. The audio recording allows you to not only receive their well-wishes, but to hear the excitement and love in their voices!

Photo guest book:

Pictures are another fantastic and trendy way to do a guest book. The easiest are Polaroid pictures! Your guests can snap a picture and display it in real time. We have seen these displayed in books and on large display boards. A photo guest book allows memories to be captured in writing and in picture, allowing you to see the love and joy on your loved ones faces forever!

Time capsule guest box:

If you are the type of person that loves finding old treasures and memories, a fun way to do a guest book is to have a wedding time capsule! Each of your guests write their wishes, predictions, and current favorite memory of you two as a couple and put it in the time capsule for you to read and enjoy in the years to come. This idea allows you to recall your wedding day on designated special occasions throughout your life. 

No matter what sort of guest book you decide to incorporate, the most important considerations are memorializing everyone who was at your wedding and making the guest book something you can enjoy in your home forever!

We can’t wait to see what interesting ideas you come up with!