Champagne Floral Arrangement

Looking for the perfect gift to bring to an engagement party? This champagne floral arrangement is a showstopper! This is not your typical gift; everyone will be in love with this creative wine and floral presentation. Start with buying your flowers picking out a variety of seasonal blooms and greens in your choice of color pallet, next get your favorite champagne or wine. At your local craft store or even Amazon you can find wet floral foam bricks. Standard size is 9” long. Let naturally submerge in a bucket of fresh water and floral food for 10 minutes as we…Read More

Choosing Rose Variety for your Wedding 

Here is a helpful guide to look at when choosing rose varieties for your wedding flowers. It is important to note that color shades can always vary a little. Factors are season, crop, weather and the location they are grown. Below is a good general idea of popular standard size rose varieties . It is interesting to see the difference in white roses. A rose is a star flower in its own right.  White Tibet  White Tibet is a beautiful choice for a classic true white rose. They have large heads and can be “flexed” easily. Flexing is a floral…Read More

Helpful Floral Tips for Your Wedding Day 

 The way we hold and wear our personal florals on our wedding day will be reflected in photos for years to come. On your big day, here are a few helpful hints to remember for holding florals and floral placement.  Let’s first start with bridal bouquet. One of the most common mistakes we see in wedding photos is brides raising their bouquet to their chest. Holding your bouquet too high unfortunately ends up covering the wedding dress and bride’s waistline. The ideal way to hold your bouquet is with your forearms resting on your hipbone. Also having your arms relaxed.…Read More

Centerpieces, High vs Low

Fresh flower centerpieces are the perfect finishing touch to your table design. Adding beautiful florals to your reception table completes your look and elevates your table. When choosing centerpieces, one of the main things to consider is if you like the look of florals sitting up high or down low. You also need to take into consideration your table type: farm, rectangle or round. This will play a key role in deciding to have centerpieces sit high, low or a mixture of both. Below I will list examples of high and low centerpieces on two table types to help you…Read More

Who Gets Flowers on Your Wedding Day?

Personals are florals that are held or worn on your special day by yourself, bridal party, and family. These are my favorite florals as they highlight your wedding style and are with you and your wedding party all day. Here is a guide to help you decide what personals you will need. Bride and bridesmaids Bouquets: Bouquets are traditionally carried by the bride and bridesmaids. Bridal bouquets are larger and more intricate, they typically include special accents to stand out. Bridesmaids’ bouquets should accent their dress color, theme of wedding and designed to complement bridal bouquet. In your package at…Read More

Bridal Bouquet Design, What’s Your Shape?

When it comes to choosing bridal bouquet design its not just flower type you need to consider. The shape of your bouquet is a very important part of design and helps to set the style of your wedding flowers. When choosing photos for your inspirational board pick bouquets that have the shape you like. You can create 2 categories, if necessary, shape and size and flower choice and color pallet. This will help create a clear vision for the design process. Below you’ll find the 5 main shape profiles for bridal bouquets and the styles/themes they best match with along…Read More