Choosing Rose Variety for your Wedding 

Here is a helpful guide to look at when choosing rose varieties for your wedding flowers. It is important to note that color shades can always vary a little. Factors are season, crop, weather and the location they are grown. Below is a good general idea of popular standard size rose varieties . It is interesting to see the difference in white roses. A rose is a star flower in its own right. 

White Tibet 

White Tibet is a beautiful choice for a classic true white rose. They have large heads and can be “flexed” easily. Flexing is a floral term used to fold out rose petals to make the rose appear larger and fuller. 

Playa Blanca 

Playa Blanca are considered garden roses. They have a heavy petal count and a very large heads. They have a creamy milky tone. They are a favorite amoungst our brides as they have a timeless vibe. 

White Eskimo  

White Eskimo is another true white variety with slightly smaller heads and they open nicely. They are a wonderful supporting rose to our larger head rose variety. This will give your boquet dimention with using different sized blooms. 

White Mondial 

White modial roses are a hardy white rose. They tend to have a subtle hue of green on guard petals and tips. If you are looking for an earthly organic nautual toned rose this is a great choice. 

White Ohara 

White Oharas are another garden rose. Extra large heads with heavy petal counts. They are sweet smelling and have the prettiest blush under tone. They are defienently a favorite. 


Vendela are a classic cream rose. They have a french vanilla bean tone. They can also have a slight blush tone in center. Excellent choice to accompany any colored rose. 

White spray rose 

Spray roses are small clusters of miniture rose blooms. Great for corsages, boutonnieres and as accent flowers. Spray roses come in all colors. 

Moving in to Colors…………. 


Quicksand is SO versitale! They are like a camilion. Their muted hue complents any style. They also make a great choice for focal star. Sweet smelling and soft. 


A Very vintage muted color. With lavender grey tones.  Great for Boho or rustic feel. 


Nena is a pale pink, delicate bud. A perfect pastel true pink choice. Nice sized blooms. 

Yellow King 

Yellow King is a strong large bloom bright yellow variety. Long lasting and hardy. Very cheerful!

This is just a glimps of a few popular rose varieties. Ocean Song is a great true lavender, Freedom a true red and Black Bacarra and Black magic are some burgundy top picks that are not pictured.  Hope this was a helpful vision and summary of some common favorites we use here at Villa de Amore!