Tips and Tricks to Help Keep You Organized.

How to make the daunting task of table layouts, excel spreadsheets, and seating charts easier and more efficient.

This is not be a fun part of the of your upcoming nuptials but is necessary. When sending out invitations give yourself a cutoff date 45-60 days prior to event. This should give you plenty of time to have everything ready for your venue. Upon all your ALMOST Rsvp’s arriving on time everyone knows there will be last minute confirmations and cancelations. 

You can start the excel spreadsheet as soon as you start getting RSVPs, this helps make the end process a little easier. Unless you like to get everything done at once so that you can check the box. Decide on who you want to sit with each other and where you want their table. I will post some link and websites you can go to for examples.

DON’T order signage to early or escort cards, make sure you allow yourself enough time to get everything done. You can look at reviews to make sure they were on time and done to expectations. If you get your invitation and they are done on time and to your specks, then think of ordering all paper goods or acrylics from the same company. 

Make sure if you are using an outside wedding wire or a different site to make your table layout know the size of the venue and how many tables can go in the area for reception. Next you will have to arrange your guest at each table. Keeping in mind where will your parents or close family sit, keep your wedding party at the tables closer to you, enlist your parents to help seat their friends. Doing this will take a lot of the pressure off you and then the rest of the guest will be easier keep friend group together. If you have kids that are old enough to sit alone do a kid table, maybe get a fun bag for the table to keep them entertained. 

When creating your seating chart decide if you want it listed by table numbers or in alphabetical order. If doing by table, your guest will spend more time looking for their table since they are not sure where they will be on the chart. When doing alphabetically guest can find their name easily and if it’s a large party the guest at table 30 won’t stand out that they are in the back. 

Hopefully these pointers help ease the stress that is wedding planning.