Unique Ways to Personalize your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful but personalizing can be worth it. A wedding day should reflect you and your partner. Find ways to personalize and reflect your personalities into your special day.  

A seating that tells the story of your travels or maybe the history of your family. Set the tone of the day with a seating chart that not only speaks volumes of the silly way to ask where they’ll be seated but a journey through your history. Cute and very personal touch to this beautiful wedding.

Or if you’re fun and want to get the festivities started, opt for a ice luge!

Personalize your sign-in to reflect who you are or your travels. Some of the more interesting ones I’ve seen include snowboards to be signed by guests because they loved doing this activity together or a surfboard, or one time a pilot even brought in a plane propellor.

Personalized wedding favors can really show your guests something unique about you or your family traditions. You could even nod to something that you’ve grown to love together. Infused olive oil, limoncello that has been a family recipe, his and her candy bags or something cute that your guests will love. We especially love the scratcher that says a cute saying about love and luck. 

Another idea is signature cocktails that reflect the design of the wedding or simply tell the story of your love. If you can’t decide on names for them, name them after your furry friends that may not be able to share your day with you.

You could make a crossword puzzle of your timeline and unique fun facts about each other. You can have one made for cocktail hour so that guests can interact together. Or you can make little ones so that they can do at dinner to get to know each other.

Bring pictures of you so that you can personalize your sign-in or gift table. You can also bring them as table numbers. It’s nice for your guests to see the different times of your life. Another table number idea is to number your tables and add pictures of you at that age or that time in your relationship.