Bouquet and Garter Toss Ideas

Do you want to have a bouquet or garter toss but maybe you don’t many single friends? Or maybe you don’t want your now husband retrieving the garter in front of you family. We have a couple of sweet alternatives for your wedding day. 

1 event for everyone:

Attaching money or a gift card to a toss bouquet can make the event more inviting for all party goers. Instead of bringing just the single girls up to catch the bouquet you can invite all single people.  The one who catches the bouquet leaves with flowers and that little bit extra you put in them


A bouquet dedication is a very sweet gesture. You can do this in private or make a moment in front of your guests. You can choose who you’d like to dedicate it to (your mom, their mom, niece, a grandma, etc.), if you don’t have anyone in mind you can have an Anniversary Dance. This is where we will call up all the married couples to the dancefloor and ask those who have been married 1, 5, 10, 15 etc. years to step off the dance floor. The goal is that the couple who has been married the longest are the last ones on the dance floor. You pry a little marriage advice from them and hand them your bouquet.

Great Catch:

This is a fun one if your groom is into sports! You can get creative with this too. Choose your favorite sports ball (football, soccer ball, etc.), you can wrap a garter on it or just have the ball. You can write your wedding date on it (ie. Great catch! 4/15/26), you can add your favorite team too! Get the guys lined up and toss it over your shoulder to them.