How to plan and set-up the perfect at-home date night 


Food is so important! Think about a dinner and dessert that are special. Try not to make the drinks and food something you would have every day, but rather elevate it by making it more meaningful, fancier, or a recipe that is special to you. For example, break open a fancy bottle of wine or champagne, cook something a little fancier like steak or lobster, and maybe make a delicate dessert. If cooking is not your forte, you can pick something up from a restaurant, just make sure to plate and display it nicely and not in the to-go containers it comes in. This little action will demonstrate effort and care.


A good conversation can make date night the best night ever! Make sure to have intentional time for conversation. This exchange does not have to be formal or scripted, just start by asking the other person how their day was and let the conversation take off from there! Feel free to talk about anything and everything. Include fond memories, hopes and dreams for the future, as well as current interests and hobbies. Some suggestions to make conversation more intentional is eye contact, putting the phones away, and limiting distractions. 


It is always a good idea to recall fond memories with your love. You can incorporate this into any element of the night. You can make a meal from your first date, print out pictures and put them around the house, play music that is meaningful to your relationship, or incorporate the memories in conversation. Another key element is to make new memories. Some ideas for this might be to take a date-night polaroid picture, take a picture for your phone lock-screen, or find another way to document the evening. 


The entertainment for your date night can be as simple or as grandiose as you would like. I tend to air on the side of simple yet meaningful. Two-person games and puzzles are always a hit! This gives the opportunity for conversation and friendly competition. Another option is to put on and cuddle up to a romantic movie or any movie that you and your partner have been wanting to watch. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, taking a walk around the block, learning to dance via an online video lesson, or getting supplies to paint some art are other fantastic options! Get creative, you could even mix and match any two of these activities together!


Decorations are fun, but not always necessary, although they are highly recommended! Flowers brighten any room and who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet? Photos are another great décor item to utilize! Also think about your food and activities; maybe you have special decorative wine glasses you’d like to utilize, or special dishware for dinner. If your activity is a movie, decorate with a fuzzy blanket and plenty of comfy pillows! If you want to, garlands, banners, and candles also make great date-night décor additions!


No matter where date night is taking place, the location and environment is key. You want something that is comfortable, romantic, and intimate, yet also new and exciting. For the perfect at-home date night start by cleaning! Making sure there aren’t dishes piling up in the sink or laundry to be folded, vacuuming and dusting wouldn’t hurt either! You want there to be no distractions while you and your significant other share this time together. You want them to be thinking about the present, not all the chores that need to get done.

Lastly, one way to be sure to have a great date night is think of the five senses!

Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Think about all five of these when thinking about environment. For example, if I were thinking about one element for each sense I would include mood lighting for sight, background music for sound, a candle for smell, a soft blanket for touch, and chocolate or wine for taste. Every item you choose for these 5 senses should blend nicely together to create a cohesive environment. 

And remember, the most important part of date-night is the person you share it with!!