Helpful Floral Tips for Your Wedding Day 

 The way we hold and wear our personal florals on our wedding day will be reflected in photos for years to come. On your big day, here are a few helpful hints to remember for holding florals and floral placement. 

Let’s first start with bridal bouquet. One of the most common mistakes we see in wedding photos is brides raising their bouquet to their chest. Holding your bouquet too high unfortunately ends up covering the wedding dress and bride’s waistline. The ideal way to hold your bouquet is with your forearms resting on your hipbone. Also having your arms relaxed. This keeps dress design and waistline visible in photos. These tips apply to bridesmaids’ bouquets and small posies family and friends might be holding as well. 

Next let’s look at how to properly pin and wear a boutonniere.  

First, we want to decide placement. Placement should be on your left side. In photographs showing on the right. The top of boutonniere should be just below the top of the left lapel cut. The middle of the boutonniere right over the top buttonhole. While holding the boutonniere in place fold the lapel to expose the backside. Weave pin up through lapel material and through boutonniere and back through lapel.  We suggest that you double pin to secure. Take a second pin and this time start at the top and weave down. Make sure none of the pins are showing or poking. Check that the boutonniere is straight running with the lapel not angled or crooked.

Corsages in general the rule is to wear your corsage on the opposite side of the hand you write with. It helps to keep it out of the way when you are shaking hands and eating throughout the day. But in the end, it is whatever you feel most comfortable with. 

Flower crowns should be size appropriate. Meaning if for a small child using small accent flowers and making the crown narrower so not to make it too heavy or uncomfortable. Also, it’s best if the hair stylist places crowns on head at the time hair is being styled.

I hope this provided you with some helpful tips on how to hold and wear your florals on your wedding day! When you look back at your wedding photos of your florals, we want them to be perfect!