5 Dos and Don’t For Your First Dance


Pick a song that is meaningful

The song you have your first dance to will be special forever. When that song comes on the radio, or is played at other events, it will always remind you of your special day! We recommend picking a song that has been meaningful in your relationship or a song that maybe doesn’t have a history but has a special meaning for this new chapter of your lives. Don’t be afraid to pick something unconventional or unique either!

Utilize different angles

In ballroom dance there’s a thing called “line of dance”. It can get complicated with many angles and different layers but it essentially means that there is a pattern you follow on the floor. This pattern usually is a rectangle or square and travels counter clockwise. Keeping this sort of invisible map in mind while you dance can help you utilize different areas and angles in space. By following line of dance it ensures you keep things fresh and visit each corner of the space you have. Line of dance can be used in big spaces or in small. It also helps your photographers get action shots of you moving as well as capture many different angles in their photos. You can utilize line of dance in a choreographed first dance or in an unchoreographed dance.  


To choreograph or not to choreograph is a popular question and you can’t go wrong either way! This decision should be made as a couple. For example, I was a dance major in college and even a choreographer myself. I always imagined having an elegantly choreographed dance for my wedding. My husband was terrified of dancing in front of people and found it stressful to learn and memorize choreography. We ended up using line of dance to move around the floor and choreographing certain dips or poses but didn’t choreograph the in between steps so it wasn’t as stressful. Whether you completely choreograph, choreograph not at all or do something in between, make sure both partners are comfortable and confident. 

Think about footwear

Dancing in super high heels is really hard! Especially in a heavy wedding dress! Maybe you change into shorter heels before your dance or make the movements more simple to take into account your aching feet. Another dancer hack is to scuff up the bottom of your shoes before dancing. Often times, brides and grooms wear brand new shoes for their big day. This often makes them very slippery. When performing in new shoes, I would often scuff the bottoms up before going on stage to give more traction. Another way to do this without damaging the shoe is hairspray. No matter what shoes you wear, think about your dance when trying them on. 



Stress and tension are not only not fun emotions to have but can also cause muscle tension and stiffness which is the opposite of what you want when elegantly dancing. Don’t stress about what others think or what is trendy, just do you! One way I like to make sure there’s no muscle tension before a performance is rolling my shoulders and head. Lots of us hold tension in our neck and shoulder blade muscles. Breathing and rolling these areas out will help more than you know. Lastly, I know it’s cheesy, but dance like no one is watching! You are at your best when you don’t let other people’s reactions affect you. 

Lift your foot up during dips

Lines and visual aesthetics are so important! A dip with the leg off the floor might feel fun and fancy, but in reality the line is elongated and looks more elegant when the foot maintains contact with the floor. Just look at the comparison!

Go into the dance unrehearsed

Even if you choose to not choreograph, still run through your dance! Know what angles and pictures you want and practice them. Running through your dance even just a few minutes beforehand allows you and your spouse to be on the same page and more confident!

Make funny faces

This one is pretty self explanatory but often overlooked. We know the emotion of it all comes into play, but “choreographing” facial expressions might come in handy. For example, you could find ques in the music to kiss, look at eachother, nuzzle noses, lay your head on your partner’s shoulder, etc. thinking about these elements beforehand can prove very useful!

Forget to bustle your dress!

We as coordinators will often remind you of this, but having a bridesmaid or mom on deck right before your first dance to check your bustle is always a fantastic idea!