Do I need a Flower Girl?

One of the most coveted jobs in a wedding party is the flower girl. The flower girl is the last person to come down the aisle right before the bride. They will scatter flower petals down the aisle giving the ceremony just a touch more whimsey. Symbolically they lead the bride forward, from childhood to adulthood and to her new role as wife.  Typically, we have seen these roles be filled by the youngest female members of the family or family friend.

Not every family has a little one or even a child who is ready for this role. Here are some alternatives that are popular trends to the flower girl. 

Flower grandmas- This is a fantastic alternative! What a fun way to incorporate more family in your ceremony. 

Flower Dudes-If you have a fun outgoing member of your family or circle of friends then a Flower Dude might be for you. The Flower Dude is also acting as a hype man. They are going to entertain, pump up your wedding guests, and put petals down for the bride’s entrance. 

Beer Dudes- This may be for the wilder weddings. They act the same as the Flower dude but instead of throwing flower petals they are handing out unopened beers and/or single shot alcohol containers to those who can legally enjoy them.

No matter who you ask to play this special role they will add a touch of magic to your wedding day.