Bridal Bouquet Design, What’s Your Shape?

When it comes to choosing bridal bouquet design its not just flower type you need to consider.

The shape of your bouquet is a very important part of design and helps to set the style of your wedding flowers. When choosing photos for your inspirational board pick bouquets that have the shape you like. You can create 2 categories, if necessary, shape and size and flower choice and color pallet. This will help create a clear vision for the design process. Below you’ll find the 5 main shape profiles for bridal bouquets and the styles/themes they best match with along with some example photos.


Structured bouquets are ball like and round. Very compact. Typically, minimal to no greenery. Organized and arranged tightly.

Semi Structured

Semi structured bouquets hold the same over all round appearance as structured bouquets but are arranged slightly looser. They will have some height differences in blooms with some greenery or flowers hanging or sitting above other blooms. Structured and semi structured shapes fit well with classic, traditional, modern, chic, clean, simple themes. 


Unstructured bouquets have a very loose airy farmers marker feel. They typically have more greenery and texture. They look less organized- wilder, not using a particular pattern. Tend to have foliage hanging or sticking out.

Semi unstructured 

Semi unstructured bouquets have the same loose freeform feel that the unstructured bouquet does but on a tamer scale. Meaning slightly more organized and less wild. Not as much foliage hanging or sticking out. Unstructured and semi unstructured shapes fit well with garden, ethereal, boho and rustic themes.


Cascade bouquets spill forward and have a waterfall effect. Cascade bouquets can be built in a structured, semi structured, unstructured, and semi unstructured way. Instead of blooms pointing upward the blooms are arranged moving forward and down. 

Choosing your shape preference and style is one of the first steps in designing your bridal bouquet.

The next steps are color pallet for florals and then flower choice. As you prepare for your floral design consultation here are some questions to think about. 

What is your desired style/theme of your wedding day? 

What’s your overall color pallet for your wedding day? 

What colors are your bridal party wearing? 

What shades and accent colors are you wanting to use in your florals?

Is there a certain type of flower you’d love to include in your bouquet? Are there flowers you don’t want to use? 

Do you prefer no greenery, some greenery or lots of greenery?

Do you like the look of emerald greens verse sage greens?

Do you prefer tightly bound ribbon or flowing ribbon?

How many bridesmaids and groomsmen are you having?

Do you want fresh flowers for your cake?

Do you like low lying or high centerpiece florals?

Building your dream bridal bouquet is a creative process that our floral design team takes pride in. We can’t wait to build your beautiful- unique to you- bouquet to hold as you walk down the aisle here at Villa de Amore to say I DO!