Centerpieces, High vs Low

Fresh flower centerpieces are the perfect finishing touch to your table design. Adding beautiful florals to your reception table completes your look and elevates your table. When choosing centerpieces, one of the main things to consider is if you like the look of florals sitting up high or down low. You also need to take into consideration your table type: farm, rectangle or round. This will play a key role in deciding to have centerpieces sit high, low or a mixture of both. Below I will list examples of high and low centerpieces on two table types to help you visualize the different looks.

Here are some examples of low-lying centerpieces on farm tables. Vessels that work great for low florals on farm tables are shallow wood boxes and bud vases.

Using faux eucalyptus garland with fresh flower “plug-ins” is a beautiful choice that can also be budget-friendly.

This is great for a full-length option.

High floral centerpieces on farm tables.

Empire stands and two-toned rose goblets are a favorite for high arrangements on farm tables.

Here we have low-lying florals on round tables. Popular options pictured are one of our lantern choices, low glass cylinder, champagne urn and the mercury vase.

High floral centerpieces on rounds.

Pictured below are empire stands, tall glass cylinders and two tone rose goblets. All gorgeous choices for high floral vessels for round tables. 

Here we have an example of mixed table types (round and farm) with mixed low vessels. Shallow boxes were used on farm tables and mercury vases on rounds. The second photo shows a great example using all round tables with a mixture of high and low florals.

This photo shows a great example using all round tables with a mixture of high and low florals: gold empire stands and short glass cylinders.

Whether you love low lying florals, high flying florals or a combination of both, our design team here at Villa de Amore will help you choose the florals to best fit your wedding day!