Grand Exit Ideas

Cold sparks

Cold sparks are a great grand exit idea and probably the most popular here at Villa de Amore. On our property you can easily rent them from our fantastic DJ, Ross. Cold sparks are fire safe and there is no actual flame. This means they are safe, beautiful, and fun! Cold sparks make for phenomenal pictures and can be used at grand entrance, your first dance, and grand exit to add some flare! You can use these as the prop for the exit or pair it with the addition of any other idea below.

Fiber optic wands

This is a cheaper, safer, better version of hand-held sparklers. These wands, when spun and waved look similar to sparkler wands. These props can also be reused throughout the night on the dance floor or for grand entrance.

Link to wands

Glow sticks

Glow sticks are an easy classic. Either the traditional or LED foam versions work great! Like the fiber optic wands, these can be used on the dance floor to enhance the party! Feel free to be creative and use your wedding colors or put them together to form glow in the dark jewelry.

Ribbon wands

Ribbon wands are always an elegant option. Some versions of this prop light up, and others can be tailored to match your wedding colors. This prop sometimes has bells attached which make sor a fun sound element as well.

Link to ribbon wands

No-mess mylar streamer poppers

These are super fun! Most venues don’t allow confetti, but this is an easy no-mess option that still looks cool. These streamer poppers have a confetti-like look without any of the hassle. There are many colors, but we think the gold and silver options look best! The metallic texture makes it so any light is reflected off of the streamers which makes for really awesome photos.

Link to poppers

Party props

Party props also make great grand exit props. Some fun ideas are headbands, scarves, hats, glasses, and signs.