Wedding Memorial Ideas

Weddings are a joyous event! There are many things we are looking forward to on your wedding day. Unfortunately, there will be some who can only make it in spirit. Here are a few ideas to honor that guest during your wedding day. 

Memorial photos-

Displaying photos of your loved ones together in 1 spot is a beautiful way to remind everyone who else would be here if they could. Your guests can come and view at their leisure and This is perfect for a few or for many members who have passed. 

Reserving a seat-

Reserving a seat up in front for your loved one is a beautiful gesture. We know that is where they would be sitting anyways so placing a reserved sign with a small bouquet or a memento from your loved to make sure they have a seat with their favorite people. Once your ceremony is done these items can easily be placed in another area as well.

Bird Release-

Birds are majestic creatures with many symbols tied to them. Releasing of doves symbolizes the deceased’s peaceful journey upward. The nice thing with trained doves is that they will circle where they were released so they will (in most cases) pass above your ceremony once or twice keeping that person’s memory with us. 

Alternate Gestures-

Depending how close they are to you and your partner, you may have an “”out of the ordinary” representation of your loved one. We have hosted a wedding where the Groom’s father had a hand in raising Barn Owls. Of course, the best way to represent dad in their ceremony was to bring one of the chicks he helped raise and show off dad’s legacy. 

Remember this should not be too overwhelming to lose focus on the day. We are all here for your wedding. No matter what you chose to do, a moment to reflect on those who would be here if they could is always beautiful.