Tips on Being a Great Wedding Guest!

The day is here, you have received an invitation to your friend’s wedding. You’re very excited and ready to start planning your day. Before you get into your details here are a few tips to being a great wedding guest!

Arrive on time! We all know traffic can really mess up timing but if you can try to allow plenty of time for travel and incidentals. You’ve been invited to an event that has taken a lot of time and energy to plan. Being on time is the best way to start everyone’s day.   

Dress appropriately. We all have an idea of what the main couple is going to wear. The invitation can be a great place to getting inspiration like color. The couple may have even put a color or style request on the invite. You can also research the venue the wedding is taking place at (if its is indoor, outdoor, by the beach etc.). Plan for you entire time there. If the reception is going into the evening plan an appropriate outerwear to stay warm.

Give a gift! You don’t have to bring one to the wedding and it doesn’t even have to be a physical gift but please be sure you gift the happy couple. 

If you RSVP’d that you are bringing a plus one please bring a plus one. Even if it isn’t your first or second choice. Your hosts have planned their dinner seating with you plus one in mind. If you are unsure if you can get a date for the wedding it is perfectly ok to go solo.

Participate! Cheer for the couple. Get in the photo! If you are single go and attempt to get the bouquet or garter. A wedding is as much fun as you put into it. So go! Get up and join that Conga line!