Can you plan a wedding without a wedding planner? YES!

Our wedding coordinator, designer, florists, and catering works all together to create beautiful weddings like this one. Skip the hassle of trying to find the best photography, cakes, flowers etc. At Villa de Amore we take the stress out of planning.

Our coordinator sets up your fresh bouquets in the bridal suite with hors d’oeuvres so you and your girls can have fun while getting ready. All you have to worry about is getting down that aisle without ruining your makeup. Behind the scenes our team is hard at work putting together all the components before you walk down the aisle. We even provide a great selection of pastors to choose from if you do not have one.

Our photography team is wonderful at capturing memories on your special day. He too will enjoy his grooms suite having fun with his boys.

All these little details from the tea pot to the couch is here on property. Want to add more pieces? Change the theme of the decor? Don’t like the couch? No problem! We have a variety of decor to choose from and there is no extra cost for any changes. Our team keeps up with the recent wedding trends so come check out what we have to offer. The best part is knowing it is in the package so you don’t get hit with that bill like everybody else does.

Our personal designer Monique has taken care of setting up the seating chart, card table and all the decor in our cocktail patio. If you had items to add we take care of that and set it up beautifully for your guests to see. You can always expect to have fresh flowers as a standard here at Villa. We take pride in providing you the best for your special day.

All of our food is prepared here on site and let me tell you its amazing! This is one rave people remember is how good the food is.

You will meet before hand with our florists, coordinator, and designer to bring to life your vision for your ceremony. Relax knowing we have vendors here on site to help you and you save time researching who the best in town.

Villa is a family business and what makes us unique is family shots like these to last a lifetime!

Don’t worry about the table set up we got you covered. There is a variety of linen, charger plates, base center pieces, round table or farm tables, we have it all! Our catering team does a great job making sure the table is set up beautifully for your guests. Add your own personal touch for each guest too.

I mean how cute is this set up? Our standard package gives you many options so it doesn’t feel like you are limited. Everything that you see we have on site!

There is a variety of backdrops you can choose from like the flower arch or under our beautiful chandelier.

Make a beautiful toast with our champagne flutes we provide! Yes, we even provide the flutes! We got you covered in every detail possible.

Our unique cakes are included in our package. Want to give your guests more dessert options? No problem! Our package allows you to decide if you would rather have cake or dessert or even both! Everything here is set up by our designer and Elegance on Display.

Our coordinator Laura makes sure everything is on schedule because you only have that split second to take that sunset shot. Laura is always in contact with the photographers, catering, and DJ through the night. Any concerns or last minute changes will always be taken care of.

Dance the night away with top hits or your own personal playlists. Our DJ has been working with us for years and is the best in town. Meet with our DJ to discuss what songs you will be walking down the aisle to and your grand entrance song and more! Our DJ works with our coordinator on timing of the songs and making sure the correct songs are played.

While your guests are enjoying their night our photographers will end the night in our courtyard surrounded by fairy lights. Have fun and relax knowing Villa De Amore can fulfill your requests for your special day. Come book a tour it will not disappoint!