Moody Wedding Vibes

Moody weddings are not only trending, but are here to stay.  Non-traditional brides are leaning more towards a romantic, edgy, moody vibe with dramatic floral and black dresses. When deciding on the look and vibe of your wedding start with a color palette for floral and attire. Picking a venue that has lush greenery and secret areas to take romantic pictures helps with the overall feeling you are trying to create for your special day. 

Let’s start with you color palette… common colors for a dramatic themed wedding are black and burgundy, but you can get creative with your color palette. Using emerald greens and black, or a rich colored plum can be edgy too. Royal blues, dark lilac, mixed with magenta can be very dramatic and elegant. Using touches of gold to brighten up the dark and moody color palette. When your color palette is exactly what you want you can move forward with your invitations, florals, overall design of your wedding, ordering cake, picking out your dress (are you going black or staying with white a lace), and picking out the right photographer for you memories. 

When opting for a moody wedding details matter. It’s important for the bouquet to be dramatic and moody as it will set the stage for a lot of your photo opts. Dark colors are a must to bring this wedding together. Table scaping with a runner of black lace or emerald green velvet even a black or burgundy chiffon will set the mood. Adding greenery down the runner with lots of floral plugins in that dark moody color palette or lots of candles can help set the tone for an elegant event.

At the end of the evening, if your venue offers the option, add dancing on the clouds for a dramatic first dance is a must. It creates an ethereal environment for taking the most amazing and unforgettable photos, and will leave your guests talking about your first dance for years! Remember, all weddings can be timeless and elegant, even if its moody….