5 Tips for the Men in Your Wedding Party

Being part of a wedding is a huge task for everyone involved. If you are lucky enough to be in the Bride and Groom’s entourage your day may include extra duties. 

Here is 5 things for the men in the wedding party to bring to help keep the day running smoothly.

Iron your ties/pocket squares the night before! Instead of figuring this out while you’re getting dressed, take the time the night before. Take the pocket squares, ties and/or bowties out of their packaging, iron them, and agree on the fold and practice that fold. This will help keep the day running smoothly and stress free.

Watch your alcohol intake. We know a wedding is a time to celebrate and there will be plenty of time for that when the dance floor opens. Just remember you will be asked to be in a lot of photos, you may even be asked to give a toast.

Bring a change of clothes and shoes. Depending on the location of the wedding, you might be able to arrive in casual clothes and shoes and bring your suit to change into. If it is required for you to arrive dressed and ready to go, then bring the change of clothes for your ride home. Make sure you are completely done with photos before changing into your more comfortable shoes. Don’t change too casual though you’re still at a wedding.

If you are driving your own cars to the venue, be sure to clean it out so you can help with packing up any items or gifts for the happy couple or help take any additional guests.

Bring your personal hygiene items including bandages. It’s always nice to freshen up during the day especially after dinner and before the dance floor. Fresh breath and a fresh spray of cologne and you’re ready to catch the garter!

Most importantly to have fun! Once all the formal events are done you can loosen your bowtie and the party can really begin! See you on the dance floor!