Dress Comfort

It truly is the little things can make or break your wedding day. All too often we see the scarifies made for “the dress.” The fit of your dress can play a huge part in your enjoyment of the day. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your next fitting. 

Make sure you can walk and sit

Yes, you look gorgeous while standing in the dress but remember it is a long day and you will want to sit comfortably at least during your dinner.

Make sure you can eat in it

With room to sit you’ll be comfortable to enjoy the foods from you day too. You’ve been planning for this day for a while. You’ll be wanting to enjoy the food you’ve chosen and enjoy the cocktails throughout your day. 

Make sure you can dance in it! 

One thing we see a lot of is adjusting of the dress while you are in your first dance. This can affect your confidence and definitely will affect your photos. This may even make you not want to give your first dance your all for fear of busting out. Try some arm moves while trying on your dresses. See how far you can lift a leg. Please let your choreographer (if you have one) know about your dress restrictions and they will change the dance to best compliment you and your outfit. Try out different tapes and glues too to help secure your dress. 

Have a Bustle strategy

If you choose to add a bustle to your dress have a designated person(s) to be in charge of this task. Even have a run through the day before so everyone involved knows how to do it and what it should look like.

Make sure you have a bathroom strategy

Come up with a game plan before the day so you feel comfortable and confident.

With these items in mind you will have the comfort to enjoy your wedding day!