How to incorporate your pets in your wedding

We love when you incorporate your fur babies into your special day! They are a part of your family and should be with you, some way or another on the wedding day. Make sure to check with your wedding venue the guidelines and restrictions on bringing in pets before you make plans!

A flower girl or ring bearer

Having your pet as a ring bearer or flower girl is a cute take on a classic wedding role. Walking down the aisle means you are special to the happy couple, so why shouldn’t this include your fur babies? Although we don’t recommend giving them the actual rings and it would take an impossibly well trained pet to toss flowers, it is fun to see them all dressed up as part of the wedding party!

A wagon ride down the aisle

If your pet is too scared or too excited to walk down the aisle, riding in a wagon is perfect! They can ride down the aisle in style escorted by a member of your family or bridal party. This way, they also have a cozy place to sit while you tie the knot!

If your pet can’t make it to the actual day, on site, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate them into your wedding!

Stir sticks for the bar

One cute idea we saw recently was a bride who had little drink stir sticks made with a picture of her dog. The stir sticks were available at the bar and guests were in love with this clever idea! They got to carry the image of the puppy with them as they enjoyed their cocktails. This is a super cute, easy, and unique way to involve your pets!

A signature cocktail

We know that brides and grooms have their signature cocktails posted at almost every wedding, but making a drink flavor for your pet is a great way for them to be included! This way, when your guests order at the bar, they have more options to choose from as well as being reminded of your pet. You could make the recipe based on their personality, favorite fruit or treat, or simply another drink combo that you love!

A figurine on your cake

There’s lots of places that will make custom figurines of your pets. Having a mini version of them taking a small bite out of your cake in a comedic and cute idea! A bonus to this idea is that you get to have a piece of your wedding day and of them with you forever more!

Their collar or tag around your bouquet

Some brides put a necklace, picture or special handkerchief around their bouquet, but we think it would be cute to put your pet’s collar or tag on there too! This way, a part of them can walk down the aisle with you. This would be especially meaningful for anyone who has lost a pet that was close to them.

Poster boards of your pet as décor

I bet you never thought of using your pets as decorations at your wedding! This idea is definitely one of a kind! This is an obvious way to showcase how meaningful your pets are in your life. In these pictures they greeted guests and the happy couple as they walked down the aisle and took their rightful spots, waiting for food at the end of the table, during dinner.

Pocket square picture or paw print

Like the bouquet, a pocket square is the perfect addition to a groom’s outfit. Having your pet embroidered on a pocket square keeps them close to your heart.

There are so many ways to include your pets in your wedding, we hope these ideas get you thinking about creative and personal touches that make your day unique!