Choosing Rose Variety for your Wedding 

Here is a helpful guide to look at when choosing rose varieties for your wedding flowers. It is important to note that color shades can always vary a little. Factors are season, crop, weather and the location they are grown. Below is a good general idea of popular standard size rose varieties . It is interesting to see the difference in white roses. A rose is a star flower in its own right.  White Tibet  White Tibet is a beautiful choice for a classic true white rose. They have large heads and can be “flexed” easily. Flexing is a floral…Read More

Inspiration for a Fairytale Garden Themed Wedding

When choosing to have a fairytale-inspired garden wedding, whether it be grand and elegant or charming and intimate, finding a beautiful venue with lush greenery and picturesque views will make all the difference in the world. Incorporating twinkle light and hanging crystals with vibrant colored flowers will help create a whimsical atmosphere.  This elegant ceremony site with rich colored flowers is creating a magical backdrop for the bride and groom to say their vows.  Consider hiring a violinist for the ceremony to set the mood for your guests as they arrive and during the ceremony. This will complement the serene ambience of…Read More

Tips on Being a Great Wedding Guest!

The day is here, you have received an invitation to your friend’s wedding. You’re very excited and ready to start planning your day. Before you get into your details here are a few tips to being a great wedding guest! Arrive on time! We all know traffic can really mess up timing but if you can try to allow plenty of time for travel and incidentals. You’ve been invited to an event that has taken a lot of time and energy to plan. Being on time is the best way to start everyone’s day.    Dress appropriately. We all have an…Read More

Newly Engaged?

Just got engaged…. NOW what? After you announce your engagement. Where do you start the planning process.  First things first what is your budget. Start with what is your total budget (maybe ask parents what they would like to help with). Then start your guest list so that you can start figuring out where you can have your wedding. What time of year do you want your wedding to be in. Set a date or better yet pick a month so you can be more flexible when booking. Some areas have months that will be booked out years in advance…Read More

Stand Out in 2021 With Our Floral Arch!

You have the breath taking views of the vineyards so when you add a simple yet elegant floral arch it creates unique photos like these. Every bride is unique in their own way and the beauty of that comes out in your photos. Nobody else will have these! It is a standard here at the Villa to have this beautiful piece in our standard package. Want to add your own little style? Go for it! We want you to have fun and be stress free planning your wedding here. Come book your next tour! Did I mentioned you can also…Read More

Details That Most Brides Stress About

There is so many questions you go through planning a wedding its hard to relax and enjoy the planning part of it. Bring us your Pinterest ideas from our Pinterest board, want add your own personal touch, or you simple don't have an idea? We are here to help! Everything you see on this blog you cover with our personal coordinator, designer, florists, and photographer. Planning a wedding has never been this fun when you book here at Villa. We cover all the details! Pick from a selection of sweetheart chairs and flutes that we provide for you at no…Read More