8 Not-so-Boring Dessert Ideas

Wedding desserts can be an easy way to incorporate your personality and make your wedding stand out. These are just some of the unique ideas we have seen here at Villa de Amore that we have loved!

Candy Bar

A cute twist on a timeless classic! Making a mini candy station at your wedding can be a fun way to mix desserts and wedding favors into one. You could include each of your favorite candies or pick candies that match your color scheme. Personalized candy bags or boxes also make this idea unique and memorable! Some ideas for this include: pretzels, jelly beans, kisses, bubble gum, chocolate covered almonds, candied berries or nuts, or even your favorite brand name candies.


A gelato or ice cream cart vendor is always a hit! This is a perfect summer treat for guests to enjoy. It gives variety in flavor with not too much effort. We have even seen gelato vendors that will make gelato cones look like roses!


Just like gelato is a great summer treat, espresso is a great winter option! This will surely be a hit amongst guests as the party gets started and the temperature outside gets cooler. 


This option is very popular and so fun! Churros make for great treats and some vendors will even add toppings, dips, or ice cream to garnish the churros. This option is especially great here at Villa de Amore because it matches the timing and theme of our late night street taco stand. 

Cookie bar

Cookie vendors have become increasingly popular in the last few years. There are many companies that specialize in gourmet cookies that have the most unique flavors. For this option you could simply bring boxes of your favorite cookies or you could hire a vendor to come to the venue and serve them warm or chilled and sometimes even with ice cream sandwiched between the cookies. 


This option provides a choice of salty and sweet! Guests could choose salted, unsalted, sugared or cinnamon sugared pretzels. Most pretzel vendors will provide multiple types of pretzels and various dips to go with them. 


Cake is a wedding classic, but have you ever thought to give each table an individual cake? This idea can be something that is not only personal and unique but also a fun table decoration and memorable gesture. Instead of ordering a massive, tiered wedding cake and serving it by the slice, give each table their own cake to cut into and serve themselves. This way your guests are involved in the timeless tradition of cutting the wedding cake. 

Bite-sized desserts

This is the easiest and most common wedding dessert idea. Simply ask your cake bakery to add on additional desserts or find a bakery that will cater bite sized goodies. These often include cheesecake bites, brownies, cannolis, cookies, macarons, mini pies, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. this option allows for as much variety as you would like with lots of options for different tastes. 

No matter what option you choose, or if you create your own idea, desserts are always a major hit! A little research and effort can make your desserts stand out and make for a personal and memorable event for your guests!