Tips for Writing Your Vows

Just the idea of writing down how you feel about someone and how they make you feel is daunting enough. Here are some tips to help you write your vows. Record your words-  Sometimes what flows out naturally is the most honest pure and best things to say. If you can set your phone to record video and have it record your audio. Go back and listen to it, you may be surprised how eloquent you are.  Write them down- Trust us, there are a whole lot of things that are going on leading up to your ceremony.  We all know…Read More

Inspiration for a Fairytale Garden Themed Wedding

When choosing to have a fairytale-inspired garden wedding, whether it be grand and elegant or charming and intimate, finding a beautiful venue with lush greenery and picturesque views will make all the difference in the world. Incorporating twinkle light and hanging crystals with vibrant colored flowers will help create a whimsical atmosphere.  This elegant ceremony site with rich colored flowers is creating a magical backdrop for the bride and groom to say their vows.  Consider hiring a violinist for the ceremony to set the mood for your guests as they arrive and during the ceremony. This will complement the serene ambience of…Read More

How to incorporate your pets in your wedding

We love when you incorporate your fur babies into your special day! They are a part of your family and should be with you, some way or another on the wedding day. Make sure to check with your wedding venue the guidelines and restrictions on bringing in pets before you make plans! A flower girl or ring bearer Having your pet as a ring bearer or flower girl is a cute take on a classic wedding role. Walking down the aisle means you are special to the happy couple, so why shouldn’t this include your fur babies? Although we don’t…Read More

Onions and How to Use Them 

Onions are a versatile ingredient used in everything, from roasted meats and pasta to soups and stews. They’re even added to some cocktails! They can be sweet and mild, or savory and intense. There are dozens of types of onion out there and each onion variety has its own unique flavor profile, and purpose in the kitchen. Knowing which type of onion to use and when will give you the perfect flavor every time. Take a look at this guide to help you navigate onions with ease. Yellow Onions: Yellow onions are the most common type of onion used in cooking.…Read More

Tips on Being a Great Wedding Guest!

The day is here, you have received an invitation to your friend’s wedding. You’re very excited and ready to start planning your day. Before you get into your details here are a few tips to being a great wedding guest! Arrive on time! We all know traffic can really mess up timing but if you can try to allow plenty of time for travel and incidentals. You’ve been invited to an event that has taken a lot of time and energy to plan. Being on time is the best way to start everyone’s day.    Dress appropriately. We all have an…Read More

Centerpieces, High vs Low

Fresh flower centerpieces are the perfect finishing touch to your table design. Adding beautiful florals to your reception table completes your look and elevates your table. When choosing centerpieces, one of the main things to consider is if you like the look of florals sitting up high or down low. You also need to take into consideration your table type: farm, rectangle or round. This will play a key role in deciding to have centerpieces sit high, low or a mixture of both. Below I will list examples of high and low centerpieces on two table types to help you…Read More

Grand Exit Ideas

Cold sparks Cold sparks are a great grand exit idea and probably the most popular here at Villa de Amore. On our property you can easily rent them from our fantastic DJ, Ross. Cold sparks are fire safe and there is no actual flame. This means they are safe, beautiful, and fun! Cold sparks make for phenomenal pictures and can be used at grand entrance, your first dance, and grand exit to add some flare! You can use these as the prop for the exit or pair it with the addition of any other idea below. Fiber optic wands This…Read More

Wedding Memorial Ideas

Weddings are a joyous event! There are many things we are looking forward to on your wedding day. Unfortunately, there will be some who can only make it in spirit. Here are a few ideas to honor that guest during your wedding day.  Memorial photos- Displaying photos of your loved ones together in 1 spot is a beautiful way to remind everyone who else would be here if they could. Your guests can come and view at their leisure and This is perfect for a few or for many members who have passed.  Reserving a seat- Reserving a seat up…Read More

Wine Pairing

Food and wine pairing is a culinary tradition that has been practiced for many years across cultures. With a wide selection of wines and foods, knowing how to pair them well requires a certain level of skill. However, you can ease into the world of wine pairing by first understanding the basics.  What Is Wine Pairing? Wine pairing is a process of combining dishes with wines that perfectly complement the flavors for an elevated dining experience. The main concept is that some characteristics of both the food and wine, such as flavor and texture, work well together to enhance your…Read More

Who’s in the Wedding Processional

The wedding processional is a tradition almost as old as time. The traditional wedding processional varies by culture and religion. All these traditions are beautiful and meaningful; however, many couples today differ or vary from the traditional. Your wedding processional should be as special and tailored to you as all the other elements of your big day, so here is a step-by-step of how to go about including all the special people in your life in your wedding processional! Step 1: Make a list of everyone you want to walk down the aisle. Don’t be afraid if it is uneven…Read More